Using A Descriptive And Exploratory Online Survey Essay

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Using a descriptive and exploratory online survey, Aragon Penoyer et al. (2014) determined what EHR information is viewed and used by different types of clinicians, as well as the amount of time physicians spend documenting. A total of 700 surveys were completed by clinical practitioners in the inpatient and emergency departments. The parts of the EHR accessed most frequently to review previously documented patient information were diagnostic results, physician orders, history and physical, and physician progress notes. The parts of the EHR viewed most often overall were diagnostic findings and physiological measures. The study also found that some of the summary components of the EHR that were created by and for clinicians to make viewing patient information easier were used less frequently, possibly because those clinicians were unaware or unfamiliar with those documents (Aragon Penoyer et al., 2014). This is a limitation in electronic documentation; caregivers are unable to see the whole patient “story” which may have an impact on their ability to understand the patient’s situation and make important clinical decisions for that patient (Aragon Penoyer et al., 2014). It was concluded that it is essential that the design of the EHR system being used meets the needs of the clinicians using it; the components used most frequently by clinicians should be easily accessible. Communication between the clinicians and designers of the documents in order to create “views of data…

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