Use Of Visual Aids And Making Sentences Essay

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To correctly teach and convey the meaning behind English words a series of techniques and methods must be used, these have been applied to the words below.
Yesterday, the best way to convey the meaning of this word in my opinion would be to uses a combination of visual aids and making sentences. To begin with I would ask the class “What date it is today?” they would then present me with the answer, I would then bring out an enlarged printout of a calendar and whilst the class are watching I would circle todays date, from this I would tell the class that this is today. I would then point to yesterday’s date and ask them “Can you tell me this date please”. Once I have received the answer I will explain that this date is the date before today and therefore we call it “Yesterday” as it is in the past. I will then provide the class with verbal examples “Yesterday it was sunny” and “Yesterday we went to the park”. After verbal examples are provided y the teacher the class will gather together and play a ball passing game where the ball is passed around the circle to random people and they have to give an example of what they did or could have done yesterday. To end I would ask the class to tell me what yesterday means.
To tech the class the meaning of the “Moon” I would engage the class in a role play situation. In this role-play I would use an interactive white board or video projector to show an image of the night sky whilst the classroom lights are turned off. I will then…

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