Use Of Ultrasound Images On A Medical Education Environment Essay

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The use of ultrasound images in a medical education environment has been largely ignored. Based on Hoppmann et al., (2011) , incorporating ultrasound into the M2 year of medical school would promote the advancement of student knowledge on pathology and familiarize them with scenarios in different anatomical structures. The ideal approach would involve reinforcing understanding of medical conditions by identifying them using ultrasound images. For example, in conducting an eye exam, an ultrasound would produce a reliable image of a possible retinal detachment. It would also provide clear details on the extent of damage whether localized or broad. In application, initial academic sessions would involve presenting small groups of students with a wide overview of a particular case including the background, laboratory findings, exam results and ultrasound images. An extensive review of this information would produce a comprehensive two-fold effect. On one hand, the student can in future understand similar disease progressions. Most importantly, however, the student learns to establish a link between the pathological changes with the ultrasound images now presented as part of the case (Hoppmann et al., 2011).
The second year of the integrated ultrasound curriculum would effectively prepare medical students to become technologically savvy in the process of making a pathological diagnosis. Indeed, incorporating ultrasound images into the required lectures during the M2 creates the…

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