Essay on Use Of Technology For Curriculum And Instruction

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Part I: Use of Technology for Curriculum and Instruction (Proficiencies B and D)
Technology integration in curriculum and instruction encompasses usage of such of technology tools as internet, education software applications, computers and mobile devices in learning processes and in school management (Cennamo, Ross, Ertmer & International Society for Technology in Education, 2014). Over the past few years, technological application has been on the rise leading to better education delivery, proper resource management and production of skilled graduates. Notably, all aspects of curriculum ranging from labs, classroom, grading systems require integration of technology to ensure learning is effective and productive.
Essence of technology integration in curriculum and instruction Technology integration is required in classroom, labs, management and policy making to ensure competency, skills and practical application of technology in routine activities. For instance, there should be usage of technology in labs to improve the accuracy and monitoring of changes (Gunter & Gunter, 2014). This will improve the quality of experiments leading to advancement of sciences. Moreover, integration of technology is paramount in engaging various stakeholders in curriculum and instruction such as parents, teachers, school boards and district directors. Ultimately, engagement leads to collective welfare in design and implementation of instructional guides in schools. Besides, interaction of…

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