Steps Of Technology In Education

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Technology in our world today is on high demand. As we walk in stores we are greeted by the next best technology advancement and how it would be better suited in our lives. We even see children at the age of five carrying around a technology device of some kind. But the main question, and one not many parents ponder, is how is this helping my child? Is it a valuable tool to helping them grow or learn, or is it just a resource that is occupying their time so I wont have to be bothered? In the article, Successful K-12 technology planning: ten essential elements. These school actually come up with ten very beneficial elements to how to better implement technology and how technology can be used as a learn tool not just a distraction. Before the article goes on to list the ten steps, they go into detail about just how great technology can be. Although as stated, the schools have spent millions of dollars with getting technology in the school. However, everyone agreed that with the use of technology that education would simply more exciting and interactive. In the first step, creating a vision, which I think is one of the most important in these guidelines. These helps the teachers and anyone working with technology to be able to plan and get a goal for what they want to accomplish with technology. The second step, involving everyone, this is a big part because a parent at home can be the biggest help with child. The parent themselves can even learn how to better implement technology into their child’s learning. Third, as in every new source or matter, we want to gather all the …show more content…
As I get closer to entering my own room I am always excited to come across information or tips that will help to make me a better teacher. I am also even more excited about getting to implement technology into my classroom because just as the article said, I believe that technology can make any lesson “more exciting and interactive” if used

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