Essay United States And Domestic Violence

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Response to Domestic violence Even now that we are conscious of domestics violence around the Globe, it is still a major challenge that face the World. There had been a lot of awareness on some parts of the World, but there are still some countries that need to do more particularly Africa and Asian 's Nations. United States and other developed Nations have done enormously well in tackling Domestic Violence but yet will have to continue to strengthen the criminal Justice system. Educational Programs on Domestic violence should play an important role in government Agenda both Federal, States and local government. According to WHO, in (2014), one in three women experiences physical or sexual violence. It is very saddening that women have to go through these pains day by day. There are so many factors that lead to domestic violence; unequal property rights, pay discrimination and limited opportunity for women which are all major issues that women faced, that leads to men taking an advantage of them. Consequently, United States, United Kingdom, and other Nations are far ahead but more Nations are creeping behind very slowly with limited resources to protect women against domestic violence. To be specific, domestic violence in some African Nations is a normal way of life which society feels that it is okay. African men treat domestic violence as if it is a form of disciplining their wives and children which are very vindictive. In these African Nations were domestic violence…

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