Unit 318 Analyse and report data Essay example

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Unit 318 Analyse and report data

Outcome 1: Understand how to organise and evaluate data that has been researched

1.1 Describe the purpose and benefits of organising data so that it can be analysed
The purpose and benefit of organising data is that it allows you to see clearing what the data is that you have collected and what it relates to. It also allows you to identify any common traits within the data.

1.2 Explain how to evaluate the relevance, validity and reliability of data
Below are some ways in which you can evaluate whether data is relevant, valid and reliable.
Relevance – Dose the date relate to the outcome? Dose the date relate to the aims and objectives?
Validity – Is the data collected up to date? Is
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It is usually presented in the form of a report in tables, charts, statistics, graphs or on spreadsheets etc.
Ways of reporting data so that it meets the agreed aims and objectives are:
Make sure that the data you collect serves the purpose of the report you are preparing.
Check that the report is in the agreed style and format and can be easily understood by the people involved.
Check to see if the requirement is for a detailed report or a summarised one and prepare the report accordingly.
Arrange data clearly and neatly in different sections with notes or explanations wherever necessary. Keep the language as simple as possible so that everyone can understand it.
Ways of reporting data so that it is accurate and free from bias are:
Check for grammar, spelling and accuracy of figures involved as these reports represent the quality of the organisation. If there are any calculations involved, double-check them to see if there are any errors. It is always best to run this through another person or two for a review, to avoid any literary or numerical errors.
Do not have any repetitive or irrelevant information
You need to be very specific on your report, using accurate, clear words and figures so that your report is free from bias.

Outcome 3: Be able to analyse and evaluate date
3.1 Organise data so that it can be analysed and reported
3.2 Select relevant, valid

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