Unit 16 P5 Essay

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What is employee performance?
Employee performance is a performance criteria standard of an employee, they must have good behaviour and mustn’t do anything bad like waste time. Employees are rated on how well they do their jobs compared with a set of standards determined by the employer.
What does measuring performing mean

Measuring performance means when a business will measure the quality of the activities that are passing and the quality of the services provided to the customers by employees. It involves creating a simple, but effective, system for determining whether organizations meet objectives. It’s also a process of collecting and reporting information regarding the performance of an individual, group or organizations. It can
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I don’t really know if Carphone Warehouse have employees on probation, but I know that employees are closely monitored when they are sent of for their training before they start their job.
• Appraisal- appraisal systems in a business should be designed to motivate and encourage employees to give their best performance. The targets that are set by employer and employees should be a mix between what is needed for the business and what the employee needs. Carphone Warehouse give all their employees complex targets that they should meet, their not very hard depending on their job role, if they have a higher job role then their targets may be more difficult to achieve, as a store manager 1 of the targets may be to have a target of sales of £9,000 in a month, if the target is not achieved the store manager will firstly be asked that why wasn’t the target achieved, also all the employees are affected at this rate because their bonus which they receive on their wage won’t be really high.
• Supporting employees- Mentoring
A mentor is someone in a workplace who supports and encourages other employees to achieve their targets. The person the mentor is supporting, known as a mentee, may be a subordinate or someone on the same level. The mentor will try to pass on all their knowledge, experience and skills to the mentee. In Carphone warehouse they do have mentors for employees who aren’t exactly really fast in doing things such as using the computers fast, communicating

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