Unit 1 The Business Environment P1

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AXA also signed a lot of environment protection protocols, such as the "Kyoto Statement", the

World Business Council for Sustainable Development, manifesto for Energy Efficiency in

buildings, "Caring for Climate", Carbon Disclosure Project, "Sustainable Development Charter",

2° Investing Initiative and others.

As CSR company AXA is also concerned about its workers. AXA is included in the Top 25

Best Big Companies to Work For in the UK. They ensure hat they have balanced gender equality

and they were awarded ‘Positive about Disabled People’ symbol which shows equal opportunity

job application for all workers. To support diversity and inclusion in workplace, to increase the

workers well-being and professional development AXA created Group Advisory Council who

monitors the recruitment and
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They have minimal health and safety

risks, all employees are provided with health insurance. Employee Engagement which is more

than 80% in AXA entities is the major concern for AXA group as they think that the productivity

and client satisfaction are directly related to this issue.

Corporate social responsibility also includes costumer relationships. AXA tries to be

transparent company, equally treats all its customers, provides accessible information and

advices to its clients, properly views all claims, follows Ethics Guide and solves problems with clients in the complaints departments. Every year AXA conducts surveys in more than 30

countries and in 2012 customers satisfaction level was about 80% among 280 000 surveyed

clients. AXA also ensures high quality service and products, it controls its supply chain and

guarantees that all its suppliers have adopted International Labor Organization Principles

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