Essay on Uniforms in Public Schools

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Uniforms in Public Schools: A Positive Approach Towards the Future
Since the late 1990's many public schools across the nation have opted to implement a stronger dress code policy which have involved the addition to a specific mandated uniform policy. While some critics of mandatory uniform policies believe that there is no justification for change, school uniforms offer educational benefits, improve student behavior, social interaction, and are more cost effective and durable than traditional street clothes. The issue of mandatory school uniforms has taken on several debates over the past decade and it is believed that this issue will plague public schools for decades to come. We must ask ourselves the following questions to fully
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Uniforms were the positive change for this district. Not only do mandatory uniform policies for public schools offer the potential for higher educational benefits and improved student discipline, school uniforms dissolve social boundaries between classmates. Students are no longer judged based off their appearance but by who they are on the inside. There is no more competition between social classes that these students may have otherwise felt and they work together as a team and share a common pride. All students will feel a sense of belonging. No longer will lower income children be labeled as poor based off of their clothing. All children will appear as equals in the classroom and will be treated as such. However, some may argue that uniformity takes away from the student's individuality. Many children, especially teens, express themselves through their personal styles and the way they dress. Sometimes children need to feel special or unique and dressing a certain way is how they accomplish this. Uniformity takes away from the First Amendment by taking away freedom of expression. If we take away the freedom of expression, we are taking away our children's creativity and conforming them into a society where free thinking is not accepted. However this is not the case. The uniform does not change who the child is on the inside or how he

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