Essay Understand theories of teams and team working

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Outcome 1: Understand theories of teams and team working
The question asks you about ‘models of team work’. What it means by this is to research, and explain theory’s around teamwork. The best know theory around teamwork is by a man called Bruce Tuckman.
Below is an overview of his theory:

The 4 Phases of Tuckman’s Teamwork Theory

It was first published in 1965, and what made it different form all other theories was that Tuckman believed that groups don’t star off “fully formed and functioning”. He believed that that groups changed and evolved through clearly defined stages.

These four stages are:
The initial stage of team development during which individuals have not yet gelled
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It is important that team members take accountability for their actions, if they do not complete a task or do something wrong, this can lead to strain on the team, and lead to conflict and disharmony.

Confidentiality is important in teams for a number of reasons, and should be discussed at the formation of the team, so each and every member know what is expected of them. Breaking confidentiality can lead to discourse and problems during team bonding.

Effective communication:
Good teams share ideas and information quickly and regularly, keep written records as well as allow time for team reflection. Some of the most in-depth analysis of interprofessional team communication has occurred in high stakes teams such as are found in surgery

Conflict resolution:
People often feel that conflict is inherently dysfunctional - however constructively handled it can actually have a positive effect. It usually surfaces during the 'storming stage ' when the team is trying to sort out its leadership, the roles members undertake and what rules/codes of conduct it will observe. Sometimes it will be about the direction in which it is moving (or where it has stalled) – some degree of conflict is likely.

Work place values
Your workplace values are the guiding principles that are most important to you about the way that you work. You use these deeply held principles to choose between right and wrong ways of working, and they help you make

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