Reflection For The Practicum Experience

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The practicum program has help me to develop soft skills and hard skills which preparing myself to enter the workforce in the future. First of all, the most important skill that I have improved is interpersonal skills. Interpersonal skills are the skills that a person used to interact with other people in the daily life. Through this four months’ period working in Boulevard Enterprise (Kuching) Sdn Bhd, I not only meet with my colleagues everyday but also with the clients. I learnt to get along with my team and other colleagues as well as communicate effectively with the clients. This skill is relatively valuable in developing myself to enter the workforce.
I have also improved my communication skill. The most important task for F&M team is to communicate either internally or externally to the
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Teamwork is referring to a group of people who work cooperate in order to achieve the goal. The ability of a person is limited so we must work together with others to accomplish the target. During my practicum period, I realized that my company has a strong team spirit as our CEO always encourage the employees to work closely and help each other in order to serve better to our company and the customers. Working in a team provides opportunity for people to develop themselves and learn from each other. The mutual respect in a team is crucial because a team normally include people from different background and different level of experiences. Under my department, we always contribute some ideas or suggestions in meeting to improve the operation. At any workplace, teamwork is really beneficial to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of work. This practicum program gave me a chance to acquaint with people from different background and enable me to work along with different people. This helps me to develop the ability to work well in a team and also enable me to adapt faster to work in diverse environment in the

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