My Short Term Goals

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Everybody have a dream, but we need to set a plan to help us to achieve the goals. If not we are doomed to failure. In order to avoid we fall into the pitfall or stuck in the progress, we need to build a goals which is short term goal and long term goal. It can be a good idea to set a clear target and achieve it whatever happens in our life.
Short term goal
One of my short term goal is I hope I can score in my final year project which is intelligent fire alarm system and I will put a lot of effort in my current study to get first class honor. My second goal relates to one of my dream which is walk around United Kingdom and I hope I have a brilliant chance to learn about their culture. I am very interest about their lifestyle
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I need to make up my minds. My long term goal is I want walk around the Europe country with my family because I can feel the trip is meaningful and experience the important of family. My second goal is about my career goal, career goal is a part of my future. I want find a job which can let me play about my strength. I will make myself to be a professional such as to be a responsibility, patience and active person. However, I also like to learn and keep improving about new thing. I will invention some machinery to help the handicap or disabled person to reduce their inconvenience. Furthermore, I also hope I can learn more about English and speak well because my English was poor that is one of my reason why I choose to United Kingdom for my studies. The language used all the time in United Kingdom was English so I think I will improve my communication skill very …show more content…
(KERPEN 2014)Teamwork involves a lot of people which mean they have more idea and energy to attain their aim. As a team, we have responsibility to contribute and offer our unique perspective on the problem to achieve the best solution. When having meeting, all the teammates must actively listen to each other when somebody explaining his own ideas. We can have discussion when we having a group meeting and this will help us to learn faster. I am the person bring up with spirit of teamwork. In every meeting, I have responsibility to share my opinion to solve problem. In this way, I also can learn by explaining my ideas to others. Moreover I also can enhance my creativity because everyone has different ideas and

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