Assignment Summary: Relationship In The Team

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Computing Skills: CO1111
Assignment 1-topic: Relationship in the Team
Date: 2/11/2014
Student name: Lebed Sergey (Reg. No. 20615076)
Tutor name: Mrs. Irene Polycarpou
Deadline of assessment: 11/11/2014

This report is the last piece of work in our module. The report focuses on the aspect of team work, the relationships required between teammates to achieve results, elements necessary for a team to be successful in delivering its assigned tasks and goals on the indicated deadline and the benefits and skills acquired during and thanks to working in a team as opposed to working individually. This report is a reflection of my personal experience in working as a team, this experience was acquired by taking part in the three weeks project
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Table of Contents Abstract 1 Introduction 2 Description of the reasons 2 Problem solution 2 Personal opinion, conclusion 3 Reference list 4

1. Introduction.
What is a team and what is teamwork? What qualities should every team member possess? What problems are involved in teamwork? The distinction between work group and team is important. According to Wheelan (2013, p.2) “A work group is composed of members who are striving to create a shared view of goals and to develop an efficient and effective organizational structure in which to accomplish those goals. A work group becomes a team when shared goals have been established and effective methods to accomplish those goals are in place”. A team is a group of individuals who delegate responsibilities and operations between them to achieve desired results. Members of a team depend on each other and require the support of other members. The main goal of a team is to obtain and develop synergy. Synergy is when the combined output of a team is bigger than that
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Firstly, it guarantees a stable speed of work of each individual without loss of time on the support and/or training of other members of a team. This positively affects the productiveness and speed of work of a team. This establishes the potential competition of a team in the market of services. Secondly, it greatly reduces the possibility of conflicts and maintains a healthy and important competition within a team. Whereas in a group, the risk of conflicts is much higher than in a team. This is demonstrative of the fact that a team is built upon mutual trust and not on obligations. The main causes of disputes are distrust, secrecy, high self-esteem of one or more participants and lack of communication. The best ways for a group to become organized are that every participant must be open about their decisions and actions, organized and mutually accepted solutions to questions and of course to take into account the qualification and task of each participant. Choosing a person who has the most knowledge/experience in organization of a team/group to organize a group/team is the best way to reduce the risk of conflict and confusion within a

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