Underage Drinking : Causes And Effects Essays

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Underage Drinking In Iowa Drinking holds host to several deaths every single year and happens to be the leading cause of death for U.S. teens. Drinking also causes serious health problems and can trigger negative conditions such as depression, suicidal thoughts, lower inhibitions which can gateway into even worse circumstances, and most devastatingly it causes death to innocent lives due to drunk driving. Underage drinking is a very profound problem that exists amongst adolescents which can lead to many serious side effects. Teenage drinking is especially bad because teenagers are at the time in their lives where their minds are still young and developing. Underage drinking is a common hobby amongst those in their teens that many believe to be a harmless act. However, drinking at a young age can be very dangerous entertainment. Terrifyingly, today many of the U.S. high school students are turning away from their homework and sports and leaning to a more risky lifestyle of partying and binge drinking, along with the negatives surroundings that are contingent with such a social life. This is a problem that is occurring around the nation and more specifically in our home state. The use of alcohol by a person younger than twenty-one is considered a major public health problem. It is the most abused drug amongst youths in the United States, even more so than tobacco and illegal drugs. Alcohol is responsible for more than 4,300 deaths among teenagers each year. People from the…

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