Under Armour Case Study Essay

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Under Armour
Case Study

Source: Hogan, 2013

Table of contents

Detailed Timeline 3
Business and Corporate Level Planning 4
Brief Summary of the Company Situation in their Competitive Environment, Issues they Face and Clear Problem Statement to Analyze 6
Key Leadership 8
Types of innovation and Evidence of Entrepreneurship 10
Global Presence and Effects 11
Ethics - Examples of Social Consciousness/Corporate Social Responsibility 12
Responsible Wealth Creation 14
Engagement and Plan Alignment & Corporate Culture 15
Wild Card 16
Internal Analysis 17
External Analysis 20
SWOT Analysis 24
Recommendation 27
Bibliography 33
Appendix 37
Team Member Roles 46

Detailed Timeline
It all started in 1995 when Kevin
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StreetGear provided hats, visors, and wristbands (Funding Universe).
In 1999, Under Armour had sold more than 250,000 pieces of gear, outfitted eight MLB teams, almost two dozen NFL teams, four NHL teams, and twenty-four NCAA teams (Funding Universe). Sales had topped one million for the first time (Funding Universe). Due to outfitting the new XFL football league in 2000, Under Armour gain exposure which led to Under Armour gear being sold in 1,500 retail outlets (Funding Universe).
Under Armour was named Sporting Good’s Business Apparel Supplier of the Year and a Sports Authority Victor Award for the best New Product Launch in 2001 (Funding Universe). Over 2,500 retail stores began to offer Under Armour gear in 2002 (Funding Universe). In 2003, Under Armour launched its first television commercial (Under Armour, 2012). It included a rallying cry for athletes, Protect This House (Under Armour, 2012). Under Armour also launched the Women’s Performance Gear product line in 2003 (Funding Universe).
Under Armour opened its first retail location in Annapolis, Maryland in 2007 (Mui, 2007). In 2009, Under Armour and baseball Hall of Famer Cal Ripken Jr. formed an alliance under which Under Armour gear would have significant presence at several venues and events under the auspices of Ripken Baseball (NYSportsJournalism.com, 2009).
In 2011, Under Armour became the official supplier of performance footwear for Major League Baseball (MLB.com, 2011).

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