Ultimate Guide For Oys Essay examples

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Ultimate Guide for OyS

During the weekend I decided to cross the border in to San Luis RCS in search for a well-known vegan and organic health store that also serves as a restaurant. I was skeptical at first since it was in a small building and distant its location, and it situated in a city with a low demand on vegan food sources. After entering the organic store, OyS, you are greeted with friendly staff and ambient music. The health store provides a variety of healthful and peculiar products that are not usually stocked in common grocery stores, and on the other side of the store there is the restaurant that is divided by a wall. Although this restaurant provides dishes with humane meat and dairy products, its outreach focuses on vegan and vegetarian nutrition.
OyS is a fairly small store located within a strip mall and inside the store to the left there is the organic health store and to the right there is the organic restaurant. As soon as you open the door you get a sense that this store will be a great experience for an adventurous consumer as myself. The welcoming and approachable staff, the way the shop is designed, and the serene music lets you escape from the commotion and not so friendly environment from outside of the organic store. I am a very curious and detailed oriented person so it is wonderful to discover a store that employs amicable workers that aid me with answering almost to all of my questions. This shop’s staff’s friendliness and willingness to…

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