Uk Bottled Water Report Essay

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Bottled Water report

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1. Introduction and Background Information Page 1

2. Demand & Supply Factors

a. The economic crises Page 1 b. Weather- Global warming Page 2 c. Advertisement Page 3 d. The environment Page 4

3. Elasticity or inelasticity of demand and supply related to the factors above Page 5

4. competitive and pricing strategies e. water drunk at home Page 7 f. water drunk outside Page 7

5. Conclusion Page 7

6. References Page 9

Introduction and Background information

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The economic crises affects both markets because a decreasing PDI also means that people don’t go out to eat and spend their money on water in for example restaurants.

Weather- Global warming. The global warming affects the bottled water market in two ways. Firstly, the increasing temperature makes people drink more bottled water in for example car rides, trips and outdoor activities. This leads will lead to a shift upwards of the demand graph in the supply and demand diagram in both markets (figure 2). Secondly, the global warming could have an effect on the water resource itself. Bottled water producers obtain their water mainly from springs and mountain sources (Volvic, 2012). The increasing temperature could have an effect on the water supply by rainfall for the mountains and volcanos that filter ground water and turn it into mineral water which is mainly used and sold as bolted waters(met office, n.d.) . This causes a downshifting supply graph in the diagram (Figure 3). (Figure 2) P D2 S1

D1 Q The convenience of bottled water makes it possible for potential customers to ether take bottled water from home or buy water in stores, shops and restaurants which falls under the outside bottled water market. (Figure 3) S1 P S2

D1 Q According to weather researchers, global warming will let to an increase in rainfalls and wet places tend

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