Ugh Glauk Character Analysis

Plot and Conflict Structure

In the beginning of the story the author tells about a boy name Keesh who lived in the poor condition together with his mother. Keesh lived at the edge of the polar sea. The father of Keesh had been a brave man. But he had died hunting for food. Keesh was his only son. Keesh lived alone with his mother, Ikeega. One night, the village council met in the big Igloo of Klosh-kwan, the chief. keesh listened, then he waited for silence. He said, "It is true that you give us some meat. But it is often old and tough meat, and has many bones." The hunters were surprised. This was a child speaking against them. The council ordered Keesh to go to bed. The next day, Keesh started out for the shore, where the land meets the ice. Those who watched saw
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So, Ugh-Gluk is considered as the antagonist and has flat character.

Bim and Bawn
Bim and Bawn were two clever young hunters who were appointed to spy on Keesh. They told how Keesh killed bears when they came back. They are a protagonist character because they just appear in some parts of the story and don't have important role, the are just as complement and flat character.

The story of Keesh takes place in a cold area. We can conclude from the word "Igloo" which we can find in the story. Igloo is a type of shelter built of snow so that we can find in snow area that originally built by Inuit. Furthermore, we can explore it from the story itself. keesh hunted bear, as we know that the bear just find in cold area, it's people. So, we conclude that it takes place in a cold area.

Point of view of this story is un omniscient
Climax of this story is we know that from the end of the story when keesh told about how he could kill big bears with two bare hands. Apparently he used his brain / wits that made the others said 'ah' for understanding it.

The theme of this story is don't look down on others when it's up in the

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