Girragundji Character Analysis

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Girragundji helped the narrator by making him grow up and have the strength to confront his fears. This made the narrator more secure to start a relationship. This is shown through narrative conventions.

Girragundji is a green tree frog. This little Girragundji helped the narrator change his life and identity. In the beginning, a small Aboriginal boy was afraid of the Hairyman, darkness, being alone, getting beaten up and of Stacey Straun who bullied and scared the narrator at school. At the end, he was strong and able to stand up to all his fears. Ever since the narrator thought his Spirits brought him Girragundji, the little green tree frog. Every night, Girragundji would sit on the narrator’s head and catch all the mosquitos to stop the narrator being bitten and of course to eat them.

Before he found Girragundji, the narrator would pee in his bed because he was too scared to go outside the see the evil spirit, the Hairyman. In the end, the narrator felt very safe when Girragundji was with him. Later on, he overcame his fears and he was able to go to the outside toilet at night.

One of themes of the novel is being bullied. The narrator is an Aboriginal who was being bullied by kids such as Stacey
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Girragundji, the little green tree frog, came and changed the narrator’s whole perspective. The narrator’s way of thinking and talking have changed, even his attitude was more positive. When he was getting beaten up he had positive thoughts. “Getting busted at school doesn’t hurt that much now. I know she’s there, my Girragundji.” Near the end of the book “My Girragundji”, the narrator realises that a snake ate his Girragundji. He was furious and very mad. He wanted to catch the snake to strangle and kill it, but he couldn’t. He went down on his knees and started crying. Despite his big loss, the narrator was able to overcome the death of Girragundji and he wrote: “Girragundji is always with

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