UNIT 514 Lvl 5 Diploma Essay

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UNIT 514
Safeguarding means: proactively seeking to involve the whole community in keeping the individual safe and promoting their welfare.
Safeguarding is an important part of integrated working. When professionals work together in an integrated way, they put the individual at the centre of all activities to help identify their holistic needs earlier to improve their life outcomes. It is important to see safeguarding as part of a continuum, where prevention and early intervention can help children, vulnerable adults and families get back on track and avoid problems turning into a crisis.
Protection is a central part of safeguarding and promoting welfare. It is the process of
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This included:
• Joint (local council and PCT) strategic needs assessments to inform the local community strategy and an integrated approach to commissioning and market development.
• Prevention, early intervention and enablement becoming the norm.
• Universal information, advice and advocacy, irrespective of eligibility for public funds.
• Common assessment – with greater emphasis on self-assessment.
• Person-centred planning and self-directed support becoming mainstreamed, with personal budgets for everyone eligible for publicly-funded care and support and more people opting to arrange their own support with direct payments.
• Adult social care to champion the needs and rights of disabled people and older adults, safeguarding and promoting dignity, supporting a collective voice through user-led organisations, enhancing social capital and developing the local workforce.
Paper by department of health gateway reference 16702 outlines the government’s policy on safeguarding vulnerable adults.
1.5 Each county have their information on Safeguarding adults and these can be found on the appropriate websites for the county, which gives the information and guidance on Multi agency procedures.
Below is an example from Surrey C.C. which outlines the referral procedures when dealing with a safeguarding alert, from agency level upwards.
Prior to this, staff

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