Essay about U.s. Baby Boomers Versus The Millennial Generation

1944 Words Feb 13th, 2015 8 Pages
This paper discusses the differences of U.S. baby boomers versus the millennial generation with regards to their purchasing decisions. With the development and advances of technology, baby boomer and millennial generations may approach their purchasing decisions in an entirely different manner. Focusing on similarities and differences of these generations on social media and technology (i.e., internet, mobile services and e-services) with regards to their purchasing decisions, will enable retailers to better understand these generations and how they can earn their dollars. The baby boomer generation are people born from 1946-1964. While baby boomers are aging and working, their way into retirement, the baby boomer generation has to adapt to new technology and as this generation gets older, they are more focused on other things, over social media or apps. For most baby boomers, to learn about new technology requires patience and as they grow older, people seem to have less patience about anything these days. The millennial (Gen Y) generation are people born from 1980-1994. The millennial generation are hitting their peak years of spending more and earning more. The millennial generation grew up with internet and are more tech-savvy and have patience when it comes to dealing with new technology. This generation has adapted to applications, platforms, and technical integrations. They have an advantage over the baby boomer generation because…

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