Two Types Of Abortion Counseling Essay

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There are two types of abortion counseling that is often discussed. They are pre-procedure abortion counseling and options, or crisis pregnancy, counseling. These two counseling should be distinguished as pre-procedure abortion counseling is used when women are certain that they are not continuing their pregnancy; whereas, the options counseling is offered to those women who are undecided about her options and are unsure of the necessary information to make a decision. Options counseling also deals with the emotional needs of the women as she makes a decision. As a counselor, one need specific skills to counsel women who desire to end the pregnancy, and must know what the aspects are needed to deal with in abortion counseling.
Abortion counseling involves three specific functions: obtaining informed consent, patient education and addressing patient’s feelings, which is counseling (Johnson, 2014). Obtaining informed consent enable the doctors, physicians, or counselors to protect themselves from being accused of coercion for or against abortion. Educating the patients included the explanation of procedures and techniques and the possible complications; counseling, deals with the emotional area of the patient. The three functions, however, have changed, and pre-abortion counseling has evolved from its origins as a pro-choice advocacy to women-centered. “Abortion counseling has been affected not only by the imposition of anti-abortion statutes, but also by the changing…

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