Essay about Twelfth Night By William Shakespeare

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We are taught that we can choose to be anything we want, but we cannot be anyone we want, because we have no choice but be ourselves. Pretending to be someone you are not creates a situation that will eventually cause destruction within your family, friends, and mind. This is noticeable in the comedy Twelfth Night, as the reader is exposed to the building of confusion and misunderstandings experienced by the characters. This is produced from simply disguising oneself. In the play, Viola, a young female who washed ashore on the land of Illyria, decides to dress as a male to work as a messenger for the Duke, Orsino. It is clear that she would not have the freedom or job opportunities being a female, which affects her living situation, leading her to make the voluntary choice. Her alias Cesario, generates complications for her relationships with the Duke Orsino, his love interest Olivia, and conclusively her brother Sebastian, who later arrives in Illyria.

Although, her disguise helps create barriers from gender dangers and gives her access to a different world, it also creates a much bigger burden. To begin, as her love for her master grows, she finds herself wishing for reality, but is now so entangled in the events, she cannot risk to confess her true identity. Complications emerge, placing Viola in a complex position, considering her disguise restricts her from entirely expressing her emotions to him. On one hand, she loves him and is willing to do anything to win his…

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