Tucker Knox Case Study Summary

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Ed is contemplating leaving Tucker Knox for another company.
2. The competitive market made it difficult to keep market share.
3. Constant changes in employees in management has created instability and worries that an employee could be laid off.
4. Hiring problems and promoting problems that were not explained caused managers to question what was happening.
B. Micro
1. Jack is not being a good leader and is promoting people who are in the best interest for himself not others.
2. Tucker Knox wants to keep producing in the United States and need to keep improving the support functions of the corporation.
3. There are no assembly machines that can create their designs.

II. Causes
1. Hiring and promoting has been left to Jack who is doing it to
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1. Larry Henderson the President and CEO of Tucker Knox can order Jack to step down and find a replacement.
2. Tucker Knox needs to keep developing the automation engineering department and create more efficient machines.
a. More efficient machines will create products faster with better quality.
b. The unique products will be able to be made at a faster rate to compete with competitors.
c. With more production of better products market share will increase for Tucker Knox.
3. Managerial operations at Tucker Knox can be left how they are.
a. Jack will feel even more power and will manipulate even more to get what he wants.
b. Mangers can start to have decreased morale and might want to leave when they find out what Jack is doing and how he is managing.
4. Tucker Knox can restructure its managers and how hiring is done.
a. Larry should put the immediate managers of their departments in charge of hiring and promoting.
b. Ed should be talked to so he is not lost because he is a valuable employee. A promotion for Ed needs to be talked about and implemented
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They should keep focusing on developing the new department so they can create even more efficient machines that can create the unique products that they sell. Developing this more will increase production and quality resulting in increased market share. Also Tucker Knox will be more competitive with the market. The operations should not be left how they are because there is already potential that one high quality employee will leave the company. When one employee leaves this could cause dissatisfaction and the thoughts of others leaving. Larry needs to start by putting the managers of the departments in charge of their own promoting and hiring. It has been clear that Jack is hiring and promoting out of personal interest and this should be put to a stop. Larry and other managers should also talk to Ed. Ed is a very qualified and trained employee but he is thinking about leaving. He should be talked with so that they can try to fix what is causing him to leave. A promotion should be talked about and given to Ed as well because of his experience and good track record with the company and the new

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