The Importance Of Confidence In Company Leadership

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You feel a growing sense of unease about your current position. You 've began to wonder if you should search for greener career pastures elsewhere. Certain signs can point to a need to revamp the old resume and start scheduling interviews.

1. You hate going to work. You hate it so much, mornings find you in deep throes of depression, wanting to call off sick. It 's so bad, you hate Sunday just because its the day before you have to back to work. It 's time to regroup and start over elsewhere.

2. You hate your boss and everyone else at work. You can 't love these people, and they can 't love you. If you can 't find a way to compromise, it 's best to leave. You may feel more appreciated and fit in better somewhere else.

3. Your boss
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Your boss is an idiot, or at last not as smart as you. Confidence in company leadership is important to feel secure about your own position. Leaders incapable of making sound decisions can be the harbingers of disaster. This means shaky ground for both the company as well as your career prospects. Cut your losses, new horizons beckon.

5. The company seems to be in a financial downspin. Even the rats knew to jump ship when the Titanic started to sink. If you are seeing signs your company is on shaky financial ground, view it as a heads up. Obvious signs include the over managing of resources. Suddenly, requisitions and documentation are necessary for even the smallest amount of money. The level of secrecy is noticeably increased with many closed door meetings. Managers are starting to jump ship.

6. You 're isolated and kept outside of the inner loop. You never seem to get invited to important meetings and have zero access to upper level managers. You never know when new projects are launching or about future plans. Ignoring you as an employee is an obvious sign of disrespect towards you and your talents. Your career is more or less over there, so it 's time you changed your work
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Your health is suffering as a result of the stress you 're enduring on the job. Stress can cause many serious and catastrophic illnesses. No job, no matter how lucrative or promising, is worth this. Grab your belongings and don 't look back; Seek a healthier place to spend the rest of your work life.

9. You get zero or little constructive feedback. If you want to grow in your profession, you need to know how you 're performing on the job, and how you can improve. You need a constant stream of advice and guidance if you want your career to move ahead. If you 're not getting feedback, find a place that will help develop your skills.

10. The job has no challenges. Whatever the job once had to offer has long ago ceased to be relevant. There is nothing to learn that will increase your value as an employee. It 's best you begin to explore other career possibilities.

11. An exodus of workers is taking place. The disgruntled employee level is high, and people are constantly leaving. It 's foolish to buy into a herd mentality and follow the defectors, but you need to keep an eye on the changing climate. Keep your eyes and ears open, and dust off that resume just in

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