Bad Changes In Lord Of The Flies

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People change and sometimes they change in a "good" or a "bad" way and a grand majority of the time people don 't notice the change until something or someone makes them look at themselves and realized they have changed."Lord of the Flies" is the INTRICATE tale of a group constituted of some young british boys that happen to fall victim to a plane crash and end up isolated from society on a small island but after a while the boys learn to survive off of fruit and hunting a boar or two every now and then but arguments break out over who should be the leader.This later on causes a split between the boys and creates 2 groups which later on leads to an " Us Vs. Them" situation where the island is set on fire signaling a british marine officer …show more content…
His changes are bad because they cannot be used to coexist with civilized people.Jack 's new changes are bad because "he no longer has any appreciation for life what

so ever".

Over the course of the book Jack changes for a few different reasons.Jacks attitude towards killing things changes because of his idea that eating meat is necessary and once he kills a pig he finds that he actually enjoys

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