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TTT1 Task 1 Performance Assessment: Analysis Paper on Jane Vuong
Western Governors University

A1: Patient History Summary The patients name is Jane Vuong, who is a 24 year old single Vietnamese women. She has been living in the United States for two years on an academic visa, and studies cellular biology at the local university. She spends most of her day studying to maintain her strait "A" average. Jane works part time at the university's molecular biology research lab. She rides her bike sometimes to get around, and loves to do martial arts. Due to her Vietnamese background she has a very particular diet that consists of cooking vegetables, chicken, rice, and noodles; with fish sauce, soy sauce, sour
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In assessing Jane's plan of care in regards to her human needs; Maslow's theory is very relevant. She is going to have certain needs that have to be met in her plan of care such as her need for oxygen, nutritional needs, and even spiritual needs. Jane's need for oxygen is the most important need to be cared for from a medical perspective. After insuring Jane's physiological needs have been met, the nurse can cater to her personal needs. By meeting her most important needs she will feel safe and secure which is of great importance in the hierarchy of human needs (Potter, 2013, p.44). This will also help build a good relationship between you and the patient.
A4: Adapting to Cultural Needs Given Jane's Vietnamese background and the short time she has lived in the United Sates, cultural competence is something the nurse must consider in this situation. A good example is Jane's diet. She states that she only eats a traditional Vietnamese diet. This is something that I as the nurse would cater to by first evaluating what is involved in a Vietnamese diet and obtaining it for her. By adapting to Jane's dietary needs I would be respecting her lifestyle and culture, in turn gaining her trust. Another very important thing that must be addressed is if the patient uses cultural healing methods that could impact her plan of care or her willingness to accept various medical treatment. I would begin by telling Jane everything that would be involved in her treatment step by step. This

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