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The Life of Triplets
Did you know that there are around 8,000 natural pregnancies that result in triplets? Triplets are created when three separate eggs are fertilized by three different sperms. Around 90% of triplets are born premature or have low birth rate. The standard birth weight for triplets are 4lbs. The life of triplets will be different from anything you’ve known before.
She never knew she would be expecting triplets. Until the doctor said there was a strong heartbeat. So the doctor had to order my mother an ultrasound. Once the radiologist technician begin the sonogram he saw three baby boys. The sonogram proved that she was going to have triplets. This is how she found out she was having triplets.
Later the doctors discovered she
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The pregnancy proceeded normally over 32 weeks when her water broke. She was in active labor for around an hour. She traveled from Winnfield to Alexandria, Louisiana to go to the hospital. Where she went into labor at St. Frances Cabrini hospital.
Then they immediately begin an epidural and prepared her to give birth to triplets. It was predetermined that she would have a cesarean section because of how the babies were positioned on the sonogram. It took her about an hour to get ready and then they took her into the delivery room. The babies weighing roughly 3 pounds each. The babies all had excellent Apgar score. They just needed to go to NICU to gain weight. Because of their low birth weight.
At that time they were perfectly healthy but needed to stay in the NICU until they reached 4lbs. The biggest of the triplets only needed to stay in the NICU for 2 weeks before being released to go home. The baby with next highest weight came home at 3 weeks when he reached 4lbs. The smallest baby of the two triplets came home at 4 weeks once he reached 4lbs. This is why they had to stay in the hospital for so

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