Diana Drae Lundell: The Life Of Melanie's Life

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On a rainy day, April 3 ,1982, Diana Rae Lundell (Frahm) went into labor at our cousin’s birthday party. Melanie Rae Lundell was born at 11:35 pm, at the Cannon Falls hospital. Following melanie’s birth, Melissa Kay Lundell was born at 11:41 pm. Melanie weighed five pounds and three ounces. Melissa weighed five pounds and two ounces. It was the first time doctor Lauer had delivered twins at the hospital. After melissa’s birth, doctor Lauer asked where Melissa would go because the hospital only had one incubator. Doctor Malner replied “ Put them in the same incubator, they came from a place a lot smaller than that.” Afterwards the nurse puts ribbons on their wrists so people could tell which baby is which. My mother had a pink ribbon and my aunt had a blue one. Diane got angry at the nurse because Melissa was not a boy and made …show more content…
She had to drop out of high school at the age of fifteen in her sophomore year. Because she had a child in high school, many people called her names. She hated it. Not only that but, Daniel had cheated on Melanie and got another girl pregnant and now both Women hate him because of it.
After Daniel left Melanie, she had to get a job to support her son. Melissa helped take care of Nathaniel when Melanie was at work. Melanie had a job at the Retirement house in Cannon falls working nights. It took just over a year when she met her future husband.
Melanie met Luis Arturo Perez- Fuentes at a friends house in Northfield. They started to date and their first date was going out to dinner in Cannon Falls at the VFW. They moved to Northfield together after Melanie got her GED. They lived in Northfield for two years then moved to Farmington. After living farmington for a year, Melanie got pregnant with Naomi rae Fuentes. When Naomi was born, she was early by two weeks but was lucky there was not any complications of her birth. Out of all the children Naomi was the only one that actually cried all the

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