Personal Narrative: My Journey With UI Children's Hospital

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How do you summarize 16 years of life into a few minutes? Especially the life of a medically fragile child. I’m going to do my best. Our journey with UI Children’s Hospital began 16 years ago when our daughter Reagen was born. She was transferred to UI Children’s Hospital from our local hospital when she was three days old. Our pediatrician thought she had a slight heart murmur and wanted us to get it checked out with a routine echocardiogram. He said make sure you take your car seat as you will need it take her home later that afternoon. Little did we know that our journey was just beginning!!!

They transported her by ambulance and we followed. By the time we got to Iowa City she had stopped breathing twice. We got to 2JCW and the nurse handed Reagen to me to try to feed and she stopped breathing in my arms. They rushed her over to the NICU and within an hour they had come out with the words you never want to hear about you newborn baby. You daughter has a
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It was difficult for us to see her go through this, but we know Reagen was strong. We saw many ups and downs, sometimes on a day-by-day basis, and we focused on the positives that each day brought.

Reagen has overcame many obstacles in the past three years. She has had to relearn to walk, talk, eat, and how to become a sassy teenager.

Every time Reagen has been hospitalized a University of Iowa Children’s Hospital she is always treated like she was the only patient at the hospital. She has always had nurses and doctors that treat her with the utmost respect. Nothing has been hidden from her they have always told her what exactly was happening and what was going to happen next.

We still to this day do not know who was selfless enough to donate their child organs so others to live, but we will be eternally in grateful that they made that choice. Our daughter would not be able to stand here next to me if it had not been for their

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