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Hotels in Jakarta

There are many one-star hotels located through Jakarta. A one-star hotel normally meets a budget-traveler's basic needs for comfort and convenience. For example, they would have a fan in the room, not an air conditioner. More popular hotels at this level tend to be located near major attractions or public transportation facilities. Most provide basic guest rooms. Many properties do not have a restaurant on site but are usually located within walking distance of eating establishments.

Two-star hotels normally meet a traveler's basic needs for comfort and convenience while offering moderate aesthetic enhancements in the property grounds, room decor, and quality of furnishings. Some may offer limited restaurant
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Often the hotels have a business center and target the local and international business traveler. The comfort and convenience of the guests is the staff's prevailing concern. Almost always the staff has a good level of English. Often a four-star hotel can offer the same quality and service as a five-star hotel. Often the difference is that the hotel lacks large banquet facilities or a sports facility that is required for a five-star rating. Staying in this type of hotel benefits the travelers or guests that do not require these facilities but can still enjoy the accommodation and service of a five-star hotel with four-star prices.

Five-star hotels are luxury properties that are members of an elite group of hotels that exhibit an exceptionally high degree of service and hospitality. They are luxurious with first-class services and well equipped with state of the art facilities such as a pool, gym, business center, banquet and conference rooms, shops, and salons all with an air of luxury and exceptional comfort and attention to detail. These properties display original designs, elegant large room decor, exceptional dining, and meticulous grounds. The flawless execution of guest services is the staff's prevailing concern, without being intrusive. There will be a range of restaurants onsite and they will demonstrate a high level of skill in producing dishes to the highest international standards. Many of

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