Trifles Susan Glaspell Analysis

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The play opens with five characters entering the Wright’s kitchen to conduct compile an an investigation. Lewis Hale begins by recounting how he went to visit the Wrights to discuss sharing a party telephone. At that time, Mrs. Wright told Mr. Hale that her husband was unable to speak with him because he was dead. Mr. Hale investigated and he found Mr. Wright dead with a noose around his neck. Once Mr. Hale finished his story, the men went to explore where Mr. Wright was found, leaving the women in the kitchen to worry about their “trifles.” The women searched for items to make Mrs. Wright feel more at ease in jail when they found a dead, pet bird hidden in a sewing box. Aware that the bird could danger Mrs. Wright’s case, the women hid the bird. When the men came back into the kitchen, they informed the women that they were clear of what had transpired, but they were missing a motive. The original play, “Trifles,” contains many different elements that a story, film, or poem could not. Therefore, the play could never be the same if it was presented as any other type of media. …show more content…
In the narrative, Glaspell helped the reader visualize the events by adding extra details and descriptions. “A Jury of her Peers” is greater than twenty pages long, which equates to a play duration of half an hour. The story enhances the character’s details, while the play’s surroundings do not. It is difficult to enhance a play through a short story. Although, a play forces one to vibrantly visualize the different acts, scenes, and characters. However, the reader is less affected by the emotions in a short story rather than in a

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