Gender Roles In Susan Glaspell's Play Trifles

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Throughout history, society has changed over the years, but there’s one factor that has always stayed constant. The one factor that always managed to stay constant in society is gender roles. In the past and even today; society views men as being the breadwinner and wise. While a woman is viewed as only being put on this earth to be a housewife and do what she told to do by her husband. In Susan Glaspell’s play “Trifles” is a social satire that criticizes the role of women in a male dominated society. The play Trifles is about a woman named Mrs. Wright and she was accused of murdering her husband. Mr. Wright was found dead in his bed with a rope rung around his neck. Throughout the play the attorney and the sheriff struggle to find evidence …show more content…
She was raised on a rural farm in Davenport, Iowa; where her parent tough her how to value “hard work” ( She graduated from Drake University, and then she started off her career as a reporter, which was mainly male dominated but that didn’t stop her from doing well in that field. She became a reporter for Des Moines News. While she was a reporter for Des Moines, she covered a murder trial where a woman by the name of Margaret Hossack was accused of murdering her husband in his sleep, (The Origin of “Trifles”.Bradford.par.3.line.2). According to a summary by True Crime: An American Anthology: She was a prime suspect due to the fact that the neighbor testified in court that Mrs.Hossack told her that she had hatred against her abusive spouse(The Origin of …show more content…
“In a marriage, men were expected to rule over their wives, and all property (except in some cases property acquired by the woman before marriage) belonged to the husband” (Clive Emsely, Tim Hitchcock, & Robert Shoemaker, “Historical Background-Gender in The Proceedings”Par.2.line.4-6.).A woman’s role back then was to get married and to be a house wife. Women had to maintain the up keep of the house, care for the children, and do what she was told to do by her husband.” If your husband could afford to hire help, the wife would get a break from some of the duties” (History of marriage in America: 1800’and early 1900’s.). If woman had a job it was a low paying job and the types of jobs that were available to them were teaching, nursing, and domestic service. Some women even worked on the farm with their husbands. The women would tend to crops if her husband needed help with them but mainly women had to fed the chickens, collect the eggs from the chickens, and making sure the garden is well kept together. Men on the other hand are the head of household and the provider for his family. When a problem arose or a decision was to be made, the man would consult with his wife but he made the ultimate decision. In the early 1800’s divorce was unheard of once you said “I do” to your mate it was until death due you part. Divorce was only granted on the judge’s term. For example “Divorce wasn’t obtained in New York

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