Trends Influencing Access And Equity Essay

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Trends Influencing Access and Equity in Health Care
Inefficient communication
The poorly organized health care system is raising numerous concerns in the nation and problems with cost, quality, and access is leading topics for public discussions today. Currently, enormously complex issues within the health care system manifesting the system deficiency in budgeting, accountability, management, and practice. The inefficient communication within the health care system is one of the core issues that are negatively influencing the access, quality, and delivery of health care. In this paper, I will briefly overview the history, status of the inefficient communication issue and options to resolve the substantial problem.
Among various issues with health care system, the communication gap is the severe deficiency of the system. The lack of communication between the branches of the medical system is evident and resulting in delays of care, discoordination, and in life-threatening medical mistakes. The history demonstrates several examples of attempts to apply modern informational technology to the health care system as an option to improve communication, coordination, and quality of care. The earliest government inquiries occurred in the 1960s in Kennedy Administration. The disposition was to create the modern data-processing techniques that would ‘make it possible to assemble all the necessary information about the patients in a given geographical, or an administrative are in…

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