Transitioning Into A Professional Nursing Essay

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The Path to a Successful Future
Transitioning into a professional nursing role can be challenging for newly graduated nursing students. In order to succeed in the future you must be aware of the steps to obtain a nursing license, requirements to apply to a position as well as create a personal and professional short and long term plan to achieve your career goal. It is an important aspect to maintain a holistic life balance which requires practicing self-care activities to reduce stress and tension that can build up from stressors related to becoming a newly graduated registered nurse.
For the first few years of my nursing career, Florida is the state I will be seeking employment. In order to obtain an RN license in Florida the Board of Nursing requires an individual to complete the educational requirements at an accredited institution. Once all requirements are met and graduation is in order, they must apply to the Florida Board and obtain fingerprints via live scan ("Nursing Licensure in Florida | FL Requirements," n.d.). Send in the application along with one hundred and seventy five dollars which covers the license and application fees. Last but not least, to become a Licensed Registered Nurse a candidate must pass the NCLEX which requires a two hundred dollar fee to take this exam. After conducting a newly BSN graduate job search using I found a few job offerings in Broward County. Westside Regional Medical center is seeking full time…

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