Essay Transitional Resources : Hope, Opportunity And Recovery

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Transitional Resources: Hope, Opportunity and Recovery

Transitional Resources is a mental health agency that helps provide a safe place for individuals suffering from mental illness. We provide outpatient, residential, housing and vocational services for approximately 300 mentally ill individuals annually in King County. Our outpatient case managers small caseloads allow our staff to have more contact with their clients. Our strategic plan is to continue with these small caseloads but increase our annual client census and provide more affordable housing to help keep individuals suffering from mental illness safe and off the streets. We need your help to ensure these services continue and to meet our goals at Transitional Resources.

According to King County, mental illness affects about 28 to 30 percent of the American population (King County, 2012). This disease process can completely change someone’s life. The county reported that in 2012 there were 10,358 hospitalizations and 749 deaths related to mental illness among King County residents. Without the correct treatment and support individuals suffering from mental illness can exhibit symptoms that make providing for ones self-care impossible. The untreated symptoms can cause individuals not to be able to hold a job due to a constant stimulus of voices making it difficult to concentrate and perform any task.

One of the lives that Transitional Resources touched in past few years was a young female client named Ann. Ann…

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