Analysis Of The Home Base Program

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Once a family is looking into emergency assistance, the Home Base Program will investigate their claim and determine eligibility for shelter placement. If the family is eligible for other housing options, they will not get placed into one of their shelters immediately, as they are not priority at the time. A key point to emphasize to families is that entering a shelter does not guarantee them a stable apartment. They must still do their part to continue searching for a permanent home, and stable income. Subsidy programs in the city are available and families can remain in shelters for a long period of time. Those who don’t qualify for subsidy must also pay their own rent. According to an analysis study, “Home Base CP reduced the average number …show more content…
The coalition is readily available throughout the city with a walk-in basis, and provides case managers for those who are in the merge of homelessness. The families and case managers will begin implementing strategies and plans for emergency shelter, advocacy, government benefits, housing assistance, treatment referrals, and referrals to employment centers.
The Client Advocacy Program was launched by the Coalition, to provide assistance for those whom suffer from disability, and mental health issues, to help transcend them into permanent housing and placements safely. The program is able to provide medical care, food, psychosocial assessments, benefits advocacy, transportation assistance, legal rights assistance, and placement and support of permanent housing. Crisis intervention is also provided for families with children who are denied shelter and displaced, and need assistance in either entering the shelter system or locating a stable
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Due to gentrification, and housing affordability becoming an issue more families are left in need of support. When programs such as The Data Base Program, The Coalition, other non-profit organizations, shelter systems, and hospitals work together to find a solution to homelessness, all the resources can make a huge impact on their lives. Permanent Housing placement for families, and support to assist them to get back into their feet statistically have proven to be effective solutions in leading clients into the right direction. Through education, and proper use of resources I believe there can be a major impact in the level of homelessness we see in our society

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