Essay on Transition Between Elementary School And Middle School

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The day I enter middle school, everything changed. Transition between elementary school and middle school was a big leap for me. In elementary school, I knew everyone and everyone knew me. But the moment I enter middle school, I saw people classifying themselves into a group. Happy Valley Middle School had more kids than the elementary school. The atmosphere overwhelmed me. I could hear shoes squeaking as people try to meet up with their friends or to walk to their classroom. Left and right, I hear talking and laughing. There were the jocks, popular kids, nerds, and etc. It was hard for me to fit in because all the friends I had in elementary are all in different groups.
Everyday, I would be sitting with a different friend at the lunch table. I didn’t know where I belong. I had to change myself to please other people. I would be wearing a different “mask” to please one of my friends and their group. I never knew what it meant to have “real” friends. I was never able to express who I really was because I was afraid that no one would accept me for who I am. I try to have the same interests as my friends, even though it could be a lie.
When I came home from school, I would take off my “mask” and be myself. There was nothing to worry about and no desire to fit in. I would get my favorite snack and eat it on my warm, comfortable puffy couch while watching some cartoons. I was comfortable and I felt safe that, no one can judge me at home. When I come home, the first thing my mom…

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