Transformational Leadership : Transformational Leaders Essay

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Transformational Leadership
Transformational leadership is often considered as one of the primary leadership styles in education and has often been linked to the success of employees – their outcomes, well-fare, inspiration, and performance. Transformational leadership is one of the most dominant paradigms in the contemporary leadership literature and has been defined as the process through which leaders and followers help each other to advance to a higher level of morality and motivation (Ghadi, Fernando, & Caputi, 2013).
Transformational leaders are change agents that create and lead change within organizations and among individuals with the goal of creating leaders within everyone. Transformational leaders develop change by helping to reshape the ideals, perceptions, outlook, goals and objectives of its constituents (Flynn, 2009 and is considered a beneficial aspect in organizational development. It is not an approach that is based upon negotiation (if you give a little so will I), but the leader sees himself as an example or standard for vision, moral standard, and work ethic for the team and/or organization (Flynn, 2009).
Transformational and transactional leadership have been observed across cultures and languages (Ghadi, Fernando, & Caputi, 2013). Different leadership styles, notably transformational and transactional leadership, have different effects on the dynamics of groups and organizations. Transformational leaders are generally perceived as more…

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