Transfer Of Leadership Case Study

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In the article, Transfer of leadership skills: The Influence of Motivation to Transfer and Organizational Support in Managerial Training, the authors, Franziska Franke and Jorg Felfe, discuss how the influence of motivation to transfer and organizational support that the trainee receives helps to predict the level of transfer that is realized. This study consisted of 591 participants that had different work back grounds. The training period was a two-year course study. For participation, the trainee needed to already hold a leadership position within their organization. The study chose to assess the transfer of training at what was deemed two points post training; the first was one month after the training and the second was one year after the training. The results produced after …show more content…
Organizational support is a second crucial aspect for successful transfer. Organizations spend considerable amounts of money on employee training, those that promote and support the trainee’s use of new skills on the job are more likely to realize an ROI when the employee successfully transfers their training and benefits from the organization additional increased human capital. Main findings at one month were that they could not measure the transfer of training, but at the one-year mark there was transfer of training, but the respondents size was small in relation to the original training class that I feel the results are directional only and there really can’t be a definitive stance of transfer of training. Further evidence that transferring open skills like leadership depends on whether trainees are motivated to invest effort in applying new skills into their daily routines; and whether they perceive their organization to be interested in providing opportunities and cues for behavioral transfer. The question to be asked is at what point is there successful transfer of managerial skills after training and the organizational support given to the trainee and how is it to be

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