Training Programs Improve Performance And Productivity Essay example

2027 Words Dec 2nd, 2016 9 Pages
Training helps organizations improve its performance and productivity. Training matters to multiple levels of society and it is thought as” the planned and systematic activities designed to promote the acquisitions of knowledge”(Salas). According to research in 2000 alone, US organizations have spent over $50 billion on the training of employees (Making Teamwork Work). Training Programs will only be effective if the skills and behavior learned are transferred to the workplace. It is extremely important that organizations help employees do things differently -to-better performance and to increase the levels of job satisfaction. Thus training is based on knowledge, skills, and abilities. It will help organizations gain competitive advantage through the use of technology, functions in new work systems, and communicating with peers or customers. That is, training programs should be designed to meet the information and qualification of a specific workplace. Employers must communicate and guide their employees during the period of assignment. Recent surveys indicate that employees who receive poor training leave their positions within the first year. Management must ensure that their employees are offered the proper training that they need. Training helps business run smoothly and trained employees will be better equipped. In today’s generation young workers will be the future leaders and they will seek employment where they can develop their technical and behavioral skills.…

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