Personal Narrative: My Experience With The Boone Police Department

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On Monday, November 14th, 2016 from 6:00pm-10:00pm I did my ride along with the Boone Police Department. For my ride along I rode with Petey Hausley and his K-9 Simba. Before doing the ride along I had a lot of thoughts running through my mind. I was excited, however, I thought that my ride along was going to be boring, and all we were going to do was make traffic stops. I just knew I was going to fall asleep because it is Boone and nothing ever happens in Boone.
I was wrong! So much happens in Boone it is crazy that we are rarely on the news. At the beginning of the ride along it was a bit awkward I did not know how to interact with Mr. Petey, because it was my first ride along, and where I come from you don’t ride in a police car for fun.
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We pulled over a Boone TakeOut driver for speeding. That was nothing really serious and exhilarating about the traffic stop, Petey just wrote him a ticket. Then literally 10 minutes later we pulled over another car for speeding, Which Petey wrote them a ticket for. After the two traffic stops, I began to ask Petey about the risks that come with being an officer. Which led me to the question of “what made you become an officer?” Petey responded that he came to an officer because his family has work history in the Criminal Justice System. He wanted to be an officer because he wants to help people that want to help themselves. At first, his mom did not want him to be an officer because it is a deadly job. But once Petey put his mind to it he goes for it. He wants to work for Boone because he graduated undergrad from Appalachian State and he played on the basketball team …show more content…
Officer Petey, C.Farrar, W.L.Smith and I went to go eat at Cracker Barrel. Because they believe that cops aren’t like the ones on tv, who eats doughnuts or are into their work way too much that they do not eat at all. So when they work together and have a dull moment, they like to sit down at a restaurant relax and eat, While eating I got to mingle and jingle with the fellas and got to learn a little bit about each of them. I even got to take a snap chat video of them while we are eating; it was just for memory. During dinner, I got to ask Officer C. Farrar and Officer W.L. Smith one question. And for some reason, I asked the basic question of “Why did you become an officer?” Officer C. Farrar said he became an Officer because of his momma and his family has a long line of people in the Criminal Justice System and he wanted to continue the family tradition. And Officer W. L. Smith said that he became a police officer because he needed a job pretty badly back then. And he really loved helping people. So he thought the police field would work for him since he is always up for a challenge. And he also, loves that he rarely sits at a desk, the money is good, and the career is

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