The Murder Of Lil Miss Analysis

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The Kimmell’s had their first interaction with law enforcement with the Montana Yellow Stone County Sheriff’s a few days after the intense search. Also, what aided the Kimmell’s to feel more comfortable was they knew George Jensen back from high school. Before any questions were asked, George asked if, “they would like to have a family member or clergyman to join them? Or even a friend (Kimmell p.29)?” The detectives knew the news was going to be difficult. They had to break the bad news to the Kimmell’s that they had found a body which they believed was their Lisa. I consider this first interaction with Law Enforcement to be a good interaction because the two officers approached the devastating situation best as possible. Even Shelia Kimmell states, she “saw the agony in his face before he answered (Kimmell p.29). You could see and feel the emotions that were going on throughout this entire book. The second successful interaction with law enforcement was in chapter twelve the tireless Heroes. I feel this entire chapter was a great interaction with law enforcement by the two Natrona County Detectives, Lynn Cohee and Dan Tholson. This point of the book was back in 1997, almost a whole decade since Lisa’s body had been found. The investigation was at a standstill and essentially a …show more content…
I graduated from the Weld County Sheriff’s Office Police Academy this year. It was beneficial to understand the viewpoint of an officer who is trying to solve cases daily. Officers face difficult situations every day they are on the streets. I am currently in school to get my Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. After reading this book, it made me realize that I am not going into my career of choice with a blind eye. This book helped me get a viewpoint of the victims and the secondary victims’

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