Traffic Flow Essay

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Register to read the introduction… In low traffic density, higher speed situations, cutters worsen traffic by causing the early mergers to have to slam on their brakes at the merge point, sending a shockwave backwards through the line of traffic (Shock Waves). If enough of these shockwaves are produced, traffic may slow to a halt. If traffic is already stopped, however, early mergers who refuse to let cutters in make the situation worse by causing irregular merge patterns and increasing the likelihood of a wreck. When traffic is already stopped in all lanes, the most efficient strategy to alleviate the jam is for the merging lane’s traffic to merge with the next lane in a zipper-like fashion, with drivers taking turns letting a closing lane driver merge before the next open lane driver goes (Late Merge). Since the two philosophies are both right and wrong depending on the situation at hand, drivers must realize that how they act in traffic determines how traffic flows and adjust their driving accordingly. The ignorance of both sides to this solution is evident to any person involved in the traffic jam. Knowledge is the opposite of ignorance, but how could we teach the masses of drivers which strategy is best for different scenarios? Public education campaigns such as billboards and radio or television broadcasts have proven effective in the past for teaching the public about traffic …show more content…
Try as we might to blame everyone else in a traffic jam, at the end of the day it is all of us who are accountable. The only solution to problems perpetuated by our own actions is, quite frankly, to change them. As long as drivers remain oblivious to the correct way to drive in merging traffic conditions, the problem is bound to continue. Even without the use of expensive sign systems and ad campaigns, a difference can still be made. By reading this, you have lost your ignorance. Share this knowledge with friends, family, and anyone else who will listen, as each person you enlighten is one less problem in the sea of traffic we daily

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