Traffic Enforcement Case Scenario

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Scenario #1
Scenario number one begins with team one, my partner and I, we are assigned to conduct traffic enforcement in one area of the city. The next day is my partner and I were praised for a job well done; however, our colleagues in another sector were ridiculed for not making the standards. The second traffic team based our team’s success on the differences in product, the radar detectors, not our work ethic. Finally the second team threatened our team saying “you both better watch out because unfortunate things happen to keeners”.
The Conflict The type of conflict present in the above scenario is an intra-group conflict, the group being the police service both teams are employed by. Intra-group basically means a conflict
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Signs that imply a potential conflict starter would include the more experienced officers continuously avoiding their non-criminal complaints in their areas. This would leave you buried in paperwork and needing to answer to your sergeant who is questioning your time management. This could create frustration and conflict with the more experienced officers on your patrol team. It would also leave your sergeant no choice but to make you work overtime without pay, therefore, you may come into conflict with your sergeant. The main cause of the conflict is that the more experienced officers think they can get away with taking advantage of the newer members of the patrol team. This then by domino effect involves the patrol team sergeant because you are not meeting your quota and time management ability. My position regarding the conflict is I want to gain the experience necessary to become a proficient police officer, but also not being “bullied” into the extra work by other officers. My interests consist of overtime pay should I be swamped with extra work, as well as the understanding of the sergeant towards the actions of the more experienced officers. The position of the other members of the patrol team is dealing with only complains they believe are important enough for an officer with more experience. The interests of the other members would be the belief that new members should earn their right to attend more important/interesting calls by showing their ability through non-criminal complaints. Dynamics that could escalate the conflict would be the sergeant became involved in the situation and began questioning your skills. Also the fact that you have been required

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