Traffic Crash Short Story

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The day of the crash
I was zipping up my duffel bag, when my dad yelled with his loud and very clear voice “It’s time to go.” I rushed downstairs with pillow, blanket, and all my bags in my hand and heard the car roaring in the driveway. Once I had thrown all of my bags in the back of the car I took my seat and buckled up, and off we went. It was a four hour ride, we were going to our cabin. I was eight and my sister was 5 years younger. My parents, my sister, and I were all stuffed into my dad’s car. It was only a half an hour into the ride when my sister asked “Are we there yet?” She asked that question more times than I could even count, to a point where it got quite annoying. I was already pretty bored and we couldn’t watch a movie until we read for 20 minutes and tried
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My mom was doing her work, my dad was listening to country music, my sister's eyes glued to the screen, and I think I started falling asleep once again. Then I heard the crash. There was glass all over me, next the sound of skidding tires on the cement, leading to another loud and horrifying crash. I tried to get out of the car, but my door was bent shut. My dad came to my side and pulled me through the shattered glass of the window. He brought me to the hill up a side of the street and sat me down. Right then I heard sirens. Someone from the car behind us coming up the hill with first aid kit saying he used to be a doctor, he helped us before help came. The paramedics arrived shortly after. They checked me for damages and found my foot cut open and bleeding, I hadn’t even noticed until then. They wrapped it up and put us in the back of an ambulance. Then for the first time I looked at people other than me. I saw my sister not crying and the paramedics putting tubes on her head. My mom and dad sitting next to me looking scared and still a little shaken up. I started to be even more

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