Tourism, Hospitality, And Hospitality Industry Essay

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Tourism is and always has been one of the major contributions to a country’s economy. It is a social, cultural and economic event in which involves the movement of people to countries or places outside of their usual environment for leisure, business or medical purposes. The tourism industry is made up of different components such as transportation, attraction, accommodation, travel and tour operators etc. Hospitality is a “place”, where people can still be exceptional individuals and can extend their own personality style (Hogan, 2008). The Tourism and Hospitality industries are the largest and the fastest growing industries in the world. This report identifies the ongoing innovative trends in Tourism and Hospitality and how these innovative trends can help the tourism and hospitality business sustainability. In order to do so, first the report states a brief explanation of Innovation and Sustainability in relative to Tourism and Hospitality industry. Then the report states ongoing innovative trends in Tourism and Hospitality Industry. Finally, the report discusses how the trends help in tourism and hospitality business sustainability.

What is Innovation?
Innovation is derived from the Latin verb “innovare” and the Latin noun “innovatus”, process of standing for transforming an idea into a marketable product or service, at the same time adding value to it. Innovation in tourism and hospitality industries take account of all the details of formation and…

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