Holiday Inn In The Hospitality Industry

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AO Project- Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn is a British-owned American brand of hotels, and a subsidiary of InterContinental Hotels Group. Founded as a U.S. motel chain, it has grown to be one of the world's largest hotel chains, with 1,145 active hotels as of September 30, 2016.The hotel chain is based in Denham, Buckinghamshire. There are some IHG hotels located in Singapore such as holiday inn and holiday inn express.

As there is an increasing of 16.4 million tourist arrivals in Singapore, the lodging industry in Singapore has been facing some challenges to attract tourist to stay as there are more competitions in the market. Hence, the objectives of this report is to find out the trends and current issue affecting Holiday inn in
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The current measures adopted include a combination of job recruitment, employment of foreign workers, encouraging more housewives, retirees and students to work, utilizing computers and robotics equipment, extending the retirement age, training and skills upgrading, extrinsic motivation and flexible work schedule. However, in long-term insight of the current labor shortage, the above measures are supposed not to be thoroughly. Thus, other recommendations are made to deal with the problem, including encouraging more part-timers, liberalizing the foreign worker policy, investing more in research and development for robotics equipment, improving workers' quality of work-life to create loyalty in workforce, on-going training programs for all staffs from different departments, implementing flexible fringe benefits as well as increasing productivity. Labor shortage is inevitable in any expanding economy for all countries. This has caused fierce competition among the various industries, including the hotel industry. Making a more efficient use of the existing manpower is, hence, the key to managing labor shortage in the hotel …show more content…
A high level of professionalism is what many international brands and companies seriously concentrate on. Providing a great customer service in an apt highly professional way creates a certain image for your brand or industry. The output is simple but deserves close attention and time. Many hotels and tourism related companies and organizations must frequently train staff and equip them with current practices and procedures. Also, when employing individuals for certain positions, employers must carefully select the well-equipped people to ensure a high sense of professionalism. In hotel industry, selling service is the main product. Especially, customers remember everything about their stay at hotel, so it will be the hotel duty to ensure that their guests’ experience is smooth, uncomplicated, and hassle-free. A hotel prioritizes this tip above all others, it will experience higher satisfaction with services, and increased

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