Roles Of Tourism In Economic Development

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As well as the wide spread of books, studies and scientific research related to tourism affairs.
We briefly present the role of tourism in development as follows:
First: Tourism and economic development.
Second: Tourism and Social Development.
First: Tourism and economic development
Tourism in developed countries is a major source of economic development, and we find huge investments in the tourism sector, as in Italy, Spain, Greece, Mexico and other countries that have made significant progress in this area.
We briefly explain the most important advantages that illustrate the role of tourism in economic development:
Many countries rely on tourism as an important source of national income. These countries have been able to obtain large annual incomes from the tourism sector, as in the United States, Spain, Italy, Greece, Austria,
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Tourism policies are based not only on economic and technological considerations, but also the preservation of the environment and the needs of the host population in general and those working in the field of tourism in particular. Tourism that meets these conditions is alternative tourism or tourism and tourism. In late 1997, the World Tourism Organization (WTO) called for a conference of tourism ministers from Asia and the Pacific on tourism and the environment. The conference covered a wide range of technical topics related to sustainable tourism. He pointed out that there is a sense and urgency to make efforts to protect the natural environments in the tourist destinations.
The importance of tourism as a catalyst for sustainable development is an important economic requirement to stimulate investment in natural, environmental and cultural tourism. Awareness of the importance of tourism development and management is an effective goal of the World Tourism

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